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Havhingsten fra Glendalough

Havhingsten fra Glendalough
The Sea Stallion from Glendalough

The Sea Stallion from Glendalough (Havhingsten fra Glendalough) is the largest replica Viking ship ever built. The ship is 29 metres long and carries 60 oarsmen, with a crew of 70 – 80. The original ship was built in Dublin c. 1042 with oak from Glendalough in County Wicklow and was one of the five vessels excavated from Skuldelev in 1962 under the directorship of Olaf Olsen and Ole Crumlin-Pedersen. (You can find out more about the Skuldelev ships here...)

The reconstruction was built in the shipyard of the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark. It took four years to build and was finished in 2004.

After extensive sea trials, the vessel sailed from Roskilde on July 1 2007 and arrived in Dublin on 14 August. After being displayed in Dublin during the winter, the ship sailed from Dublin on 29 June 2008 and arrived in Roskilde on 9 August.

This video (c. 12 minutes) gives an excellent overview of the construction of the ship and the aims of the project.

You can find other Havhingsten fra Glendalough videos here...

The Voyage from Roskilde to Dublin

The voyage from Roskilde took the northern route, around the coast of south west Norway and across to Orkney. Then down the western coast of Scotland, pass the Isle of Man and so to Dublin.

This was the most usual route for ships sailing from Ireland to Scandinavia.

You can access the interactive map for this voyage here.

The Voyage from Dublin to Roskilde

The return voyage was the southern route: sailing south from Dublin down to Wicklow, around Land’s End, along the southern and south-eastern coast of England, across to the coast of Holland , and then north to Denmark.

You can access the interactive map for this voyage here.

Despite the often vicious weather that the Sea Stallion encountered, the ship behaved perfectly throughout
the whole voyage, demonstrating the excellent seaworthy qualities of the Viking ships.

This short video of the run from Torquay demonstrates how well the Sea Stallion performed in extreme weather conditions.

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